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How does it feel to win the Crime Writer of the year in Sweden three times?
Wonderful! I'm happy and greatful to have a big audience.

What’s the best thing about being an author?
Being able to think up stories that others long to read.

I’m so happy to have so many devoted fans who are waiting for my books. Some take the time to send a greeting on social media too, and that makes me just as happy and mo­tivated every time. An author’s greatest wish is to be read, and to get praise besides is marve­lous.

Then I manage to make my way through the hard days, when writer’s block and doubt are greatest.

Biggest challenges?
Same answer as above: thinking up stories, ha ha, and overcoming doubt. It’s most often at that stage that I can feel blocked. I can panic if I’ve finished writing a book and haven’t come up with a new idea the next day. The fear that the ideas will end is always there, but so far it hasn’t been justified, thank goodness.

What is life like as an author?
Very free, because I control my own time. Usu­ally there’s a lot to do, which is fun. I don’t like having too little to do, but the more books and countries, the less time there is for writing. Sometimes it’s very solitary too, especially in the idea stage. Then I miss not having someo­ne to bounce things off of. I’m a restless soul, although I’m extremely disciplined. I’m a tough, but fair employer to myself. One morning a week I allow myself to go riding, sometimes I go running, otherwise it’s mostly sitting in front of the computer working.

Describe a typical day!
When the kids have gone to school I take a cup of coffee to the desk and start working on the manuscript, if I’m in a writing period. I’m most productive and creative in the mornings, then my energy gradually runs out. The best way to recharge is to sing karaoke or go out and run.

Do you scare yourself when you write?
Yes, I can get into the plot so much that I get goose pimples, even in broad daylight. The book that led to the most sleepless nights was Killer Deal, I was so terribly afraid of the dark when I wrote it. The mere thought that a lunatic stays behind after an open house is hair-raising.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I exercise quite a bit, mostly running, I really like to travel, and spend most of my free time with my family. I’ve also bought a horse and love to be in the stable.

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