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In a posh suburb of Stockholm, a girl lays herself down on the tram rails and waits for the train to come. In another part of Sweden, a man finds himself alone in a deep grave in the woods. None of their close ones has a clue about the approaching catastrophe. Can their lives be saved? The two don’t know each other, but they share something vital. Now it’s up to Emma Sköld to find the connection between them before it’stoo late.

SKAMVRÅN is the anticipated seventh book in Sofie Sarenbrant’s series about police detective Emma Sköld. Societal issues such as mental illness and suicide is depicted in a unique way. How well do we really know our loved ones?



A wave of burglaries strikes the posh Stockholm suburb Bromma, and the criminals’ methods get all the more gruesome. When the murder of a teenage boy shakes up the entire area, Emma Sköld is called to take on the case. Was it a burglary that escalated to fatal violence?
Suspicions rise around the maid who found the dead body. Or is it the baltic guest worker who was arrested in the midst of a burglary attempt? Determined to solve the case, Emma Sköld takes matters in her own hands and puts herself and others in grave danger.
THE SCAPEGOAT is a contemporary thriller venturing into lies, secrets and revenge. How dire can the consequences be if you manipulate the truth?



Why does someone want to see detective inspector Emma Sköld dead at any cost? And what connection is there with the deaths of several beggars in Stockholm?
The memorial service is moving. A young person has died under unfathomable circumstances. But in the background sits a person observing the mourners with a suspicious gaze. Someone who will do anything to stay hidden – even if the price is painfully high.
It is unpleasantly timely and frightfully engaging when beggars in Stockholm fall victim to what seems to be a psychopathic serial killer.

THE BEGGAR is a timely thriller on abuses of power affecting the most vulnerable persons in society. 



When homicide detective Emma Sköld wakes up at the hospital, she has no idea what has happened. The last thing she remembers is leaving her four weeks old daughter with her boyfriend Kristoffer to go to the stable. Emma finds out that she has been in a coma for five months after a riding accident. While Emma was unconscious, Kristoffer’s ex-girlfriend Hillevi has taken the role as a substitute mother, a role she is not too keen on giving up. To keep an eye on Emma, Hillevi starts working at the hospital. As long as Emma is at the ICU the security is rigorous but when she is moved to ward 73 anyone can get close to her. Emma has a feeling that something is not right and she desperately tries to bring back memories from the accident. She gets more and more convinced that a crime has been committed . Why would anyone want to hurt her?



The morning after a house viewing in Bromma, Stockholm suburb, a father is found dead by his six-year old daughter Astrid. There are no signs of a break-in, and the murder weapon is one of the family's own kitchen knives. The only hint that someone from the outside might be involved is that Astrid claims a strange man stroked her cheek during the night.
Emma Sköld takes up the case. She suspects that the man's wife could be the culprit, but when more murders occur tied to viewings, her theory is turned on its head. What's the truth behind events in the ostensibly idyllic and prosperous residential area? And what is the connection between the victims?

KILLER DEAL was the most sold book in paperback in Sweden 2016.



Time is limited, the distance measurable, but the number of suspects and potential victims are infinite …
So far Stockholm Marathon has been spared from deaths among its runners. But when the gun goes off for the 35th edition of the race everything is turned upside down. It is the 4th of July, but colder than on Christmas Eve. Right past the starting point of the marathon a man falls down unconscious and his life cannot be saved. Detective inspector Emma Sköld has her day off, but is at the race to cheer for her sister. When the lifeless body of a woman is found by the water, she is right at the scene. It soon becomes apparent that foul play was involved and that the woman has been murdered.  Is there a killer among the runners? And if so, when will the next victim turn up?



A famous actress is found unconscious in the women’s washing rooms at the Yasuragi Health Centre and shortly thereafter an older couple is discovered dead in room 327. Neither of the incidents appear to be anything but accidents, but hotel manager Peter Berg and vice president Nils Wedén still have a bad feeling.
When yet another person is found dead, this time in the warm springs outside, there is no denying that there must be a connection between the deaths.
Emma Sköld from the Nacka Police Department is put on the caseand she soon realises that this is no routine job. Will she be able to find the murderer before he reaps another victim?
REST IN PEACE is the first book about the police Emma Sköld.



Sixteen years have passed since a pregnant woman disappeared in Brantevik. The case has been closed for several years even though nobody actually knew what happened during that horrific summer week.
The police never managed to solve the mystery surrounding his whereabouts.
Today Agnes is living a seemingly peaceful family life in Stockholm with her husband and their daughter Nicole who is eighteen. But what Agnes doesn’t know is that her husband is cheating on her and that Nicole has travelled to Brantevik to discover the truth about her brother. But there are other people connected to the case that have also returned to the small fishing village and once Nicole realises what she has gotten herself into, it’s already too late.



The Winters and the Malms have just experienced a rainy holiday week and the general mood is low. Best friends Johanna and Agnes are both pregnant and within a matter of weeks they will both become new mothers. In an attempt to end their vacation on a positive note the two couples decide to go for a karaoke night at the local pub by the harbour. But something goes terribly wrong and the others wake the next morning only to realise that Agnes is gone.
Agnes’ disappearance becomes the tabloid event of the week and both the police and the press are working on separate leads in order to solve the riddle. But it becomes a struggle against time and everything takes an unexpected turn when a dead woman is found washed ashore on a beach.



You reveal all your secrets to a person who stands behind your back with a sharp pair of scissors in hand. Someone you don’t know, but who knows more about you than your own partner. Someone who doesn’t have to look you in the eyes. Someone who isn’t bound by professional secrecy. Don’t choose the
wrong stylist.
Nothing is the same at Stefano’s popular hair salon after Angelica starts working there. Jenny, who has long been pining for Stefano, notices how he now blindly obeys Angelica’s slightest hint.

Soon, however, customers with some connection to the salon start being found murdered. Accusations are thrown back and forth among the three stylists, but the truth is not revealed until it’s much too late.

BEHIND YOUR BACK is a psychological triangle drama that
takes place in Stockholm’s fashionable neighborhood Östermalm. Wealth abounds here, but also falseness and rivalry. And some have more reason than others to want certain people out of the way.

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