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How is your head character Emma Sköld?
Instead of a worn-out, alcoholic chief in­spector in the lead role, I wanted a young, career-oriented woman my own age. Emma Sköld follows in her father’s footsteps, without his blessing. He thinks there are too many risks in police work, and it will turn out that he’s right. Emma encounters prejudice in her job as a homicide investigator, because she is young and beautiful. No one expects that she will be the most competent of them all and dare to question what no one else will. The problem is that Emma Sköld is a little too smart for her own good, which will strike back at her when she starts digging in an in­vestigation that is already considered solved.

What similarities do you and Emma Sköld have?
We’re the same age and we also share a burning interest in our work, plus neither she nor I choose the simplest paths in life. She chose a police career, even though it’s de­manding and tough. And I, who loved sports, applied for a job at a newspaper sports desk, where ninety-nine percent of the employees were men. But that’s an experience I wouldn’t give up. Then we have the sister relationship, Emma and Josefin. Because I have two sis­ters and two daughters besides, it’s not too hard to find inspiration for their relationship. The competition and struggle for parental at­tention carries on from childhood, both for me and for my characters. I think that many readers with siblings will recognize that.

Is it important to read the Emma Sköld series in the chronological order?

It’s not necessary, you can read them as stand alones. But after Killer deal (Visning pågår) I think it’s more exciting to read them in the right order they were written. Enjoy!

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